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We have both been in the painting industry for over 25 years! Our extensive knowledge and expert-level experience merge together when creating a customized proposal, ensuring that we meet our client’s needs every time.  With strong aesthetic sensibilities, we maintain a flexible approach and often provide several strategies in order to meet each client’s needs and provide satisfaction.

Tollstar Painting Professionals offers a full spectrum of professional services. What makes us different is our dedication to honesty, integrity and craftmanship. We are meticulous in detail, consistent and reliable. All of the work we do is fully guaranteed and backed by our spotless reputation. We are consumers just like you and will always treat you with the same respect with which we would want to be treated as clients.

For more extensive information, check the links to our specific sectors listed as Commercial, Industrial and Residential. Please do not hesitate to ask if you require a service that you do not see listed as we may provide it and, if we don’t, we can refer you to a professional who does. Let’s discuss how we can best meet the needs of your next project!

Our vision at Tollstar Painting Professionals is to be a leader within the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors!


QBCC license number 15070036

“When I say that we were pretty much born into the painting industry, it’s not just an expression. The three of us brothers were born in Melbourne and we quickly graduated from toddlers visiting our father at work, where he was a professional painter for a large firm, to six year olds helping him with prep work and already familiar with  paint brushes.

It was inevitable that, having mastered the trade, we would start our own family business.  Several years ago, we geographically moved – me to Byron and Marco and Fab to Brisbane. 

We all continue to be passionate and have extremely high standards about our work. We have a great deal of pride at carrying on a family tradition, including our family name in “Tollstar”. Being master painters is our life and we all truly love what we do!”

Massimo Tolli, ByronBay Painters

Our Philosophy

Known for our diverse thinking, problem solving and resourceful cost-saving approach, it is our company’s clear philosophy that keeps us leading edge. We believe in high standards, values, client care and commitment to continuous improvement. At Tollstar Painting Professionals, we are aware of our social reputation in the local community and the importance of creating and maintaining our trusted reputation.

To this end, we strive to be guided by several core principles:


★ Friendly, fair and polite; our reputation depends on it


★ Finishing the job on time and answering your inquiries promptly


★ A balanced combination of fast service + competitive costs equate to efficienc


★ maintaining our foundation of ethical behaviour through being upstanding, sincere and of good character; evidenced by the simplest of things, like honesty in self-supervision and always being on time


★ Highly visible in the details, such as crisp, clean edges, even coats, and well-adhered layers where material and tool choices for interior and exterior painting, as well as different styles and textures, is the mark of a professional-quality job. A full spectrum of requirements, however, goes into consistently creating our quality results: knowledge, experience, consultation, prep and repair work, the right tools, attention to detail, strong sense of aesthetics, dexterity and physical strength, and thorough clean-up.

The National Code of Practice for the Building and Construction Industry outlines work practices within a quality assurance framework. Our company works in compliance with this national code, as well as, with Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection practices. All of these standards and practices are uppermost in our company’s planning and employees’ on-site work. This is evidenced through our core principles, high standards, values, client care, commitment to continuous improvement and the ongoing training of our skilled tradespeople. The result of this compliance as part of our quality workmanship equates to successful projects, delivered on time – every time!

We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

Yours sincerely

Marco and Fab Tolli

Owners and Company Directors

Tollstar Painting Professionals

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